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The Mackish Mindset (Projection)

The Mackish Mindset (Projection)

I was chopping up game with one of the readers of my blog about Mode One Behavior, and he said this:

Deuce Bigalo (I changed his handle): "Is it just me...or am I the only one who thinks that ModeOne works better with Black guys because they're Hung like Horses ??? mellow.gif

laugh.gif Just joking, baby.
But seriuosly, I don't want to sound racist, but it's really hard to find a black guy that can't dance and that doesn't have game. White guys suck !!! (thank god I'm latino, so I'm sort of middle of the road)
Damn it !! I wish I was black !! sad.gif I'd have a huge dick and not this little cocktail shrimp God gave me. unsure.gif

Anyways...Assanova, dude. I don't want to take any credit away from your game, but I've seen your pictures and I gotta say(I'm not gay), you're a good looking guy. You're tall and dress great. You even look like a pro basketball player for Chrissake!!
You don't even have to open your mouth and you'll probably get more action than I could ever dream of.
Guys like you are born with game.
I'm very envious!!! laugh.gif"
OK, so we know that he's joking a little, but for the most part, he's serious. I know this because he mentioned the above more than once. In response, I told him that I would write something to address his misconceptions...

First, let me kill your misconception that you have to be tall and black to attract women. I'm sure you've heard of Zenfox in my blog. This guy has slept with more women than I have, and you know what? Not only is he short, but he is also white. The same goes for another guy I have yet to include in my blog because he lives clear across town. He's another short white guy that goes by the handle of Marius. I'm not going to put up his life story, but in short, he has slept with somewhere around 150 different women. No joke.

As for myself? Sure, I'm tall, but many of my friends are taller than me. Yet, I'm pretty sure that I have slept with more women than most of them combined. Oh, I'm black? Well, so were the other 300 or so males in my high school. Some of the girls I was fucking had black guys, many of them jocks, hitting on them left and right, yet they chose to sleep with me over them. I also began having sex before many of these said black jocks. So, why is that?

Guys like Zenfox, Marius, and I, have what I like to call the Mackish Mindset. In other words, we aren't worried about what another guy has going for him. All we care about, is what we have to work with. Do you think that Zenfox is worried about my height or dick size when we go out? Fuck no. All he's worried about is getting his own dick wet.

Guys with our mentality command attention. When we talk to women, we expect them to just comply with us. We're honestly surprised if we get rejected. Men on the other end of the spectrum (yourself) approach women, and they're surprised if she actually complies and gives you a phone number or agrees to a date.

Do you see where I'm coming from? We're not outwardly focused or pessimistic. In other words, we're not giving the power over our egos to those around us. We're not thinking "I'm too short, too white, too skinny, or my dick's too small to attract beautiful women or to compete with another guy.". I really don't give a fuck if the guy next to me has millions of dollars and drives a Lamborghini. The only person I think about is me, and I think that I am the shit, regardless of my competition (i.e. nonexistent).

Women notice this about our behaviors, thus they are attracted to us regardless of our physical or financial shortcomings. I'm not going to get too deep into this, but sit down, take a deep breath, and let this shit marinate in your head for awhile.



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